Why is TouchOven not on the Mac App Store?

TouchOven cannot be "sandboxed" because it listens to trackpad events globally and can execute keystrokes.

Why are my gestures sometimes not recognized?

MacOS has palm rejection that can prevent some touches from being registered if they are too close to the bottom of the trackpad. Try executing gestures in the middle to upper portion of the trackpad.

Which browsers can TouchOven manipulate?

Currently, TouchOven can change tabs and browse back and forward on Safari, Google Chrome, and Firefox.

Why can't I record keyboard shortcuts for cmd+q, cmd+w, or cmd+tab?

These are intercepted by the system before they make it to TouchOven. They are available as Keypress actions.

TouchOven doesn't support custom gesture creation and there's a gesture that I want. Can you add it?

Sure! Send me an email with any feedback or suggestions.